Estate Planning Lawyer

Also Referred To As:
Succession Lawyer or Succession Attorney
Probate Lawyer or Probate Attorney
Estate Lawyer or Estate Attorney
Will Lawyer or Will Attorney
Powers of Attorney Lawyer
Estate Planning Attorney

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My name is
H. Patrick Rooney

H. Patrick Rooney has been a guest speaker for several companies and organizations to discuss the importance of Estate Planning including Successions, Wills, and Power of Attorneys.

PROBATe and succession LAWYER

You can’t take it with you after you die, but a good Succession Attorney 
can save your surviving family members from fighting over assets. Our 
firm has concentrated on successions since 1981. We have the experience 
to get the estate settled quickly and at a reasonable fee. Whether your 
estate will require a Probate Order or can be settled by a simple 
Judgment of Possession, we are prepared and knowledgeable to represent 
you in any circumstance.




Drafting a Will and Powers of Attorney are important aspects of wealth preservation. Make sure your Succession Lawyer is experienced and specializes in wills.