Divorce Attorneys & Family Law

Also Referred To As:
Family Lawyer or Family Attorney
Prenup Lawyer or Prenup Attorney
Mediation Lawyer or Mediation Attorney
Matrimonial Lawyer or Matrimonial Attorney
Military Divorce Lawyer or Military Divorce Attorney
Divorce Lawyer for Veterans or Divorce Attorney for Veterans
Divorce Lawyer for Military Spouses or Divorce Attorney for Military Spouses

Louisiana Civil Code for Divorce Law

divorce lawyer

Things change. People change. Whether you need a divorce lawyer for men or a divorce lawyer for women, we’re here to help. Our firm has handled thousands of divorces since 1981. We have the experience to get you through this difficult time and at a reasonable fee.

UNCONTESTED divorce lawyer

When both parties agree, it will save you both thousands of dollars and countless hours. Why attempt to handle this on your own or pay for overpriced out of state divorce forms that do not comply with each individual court policy. You could end up spending hundreds more when the divorce is dismissed or denied. Here at Southern Legal Clinics, you work exclusively with an experienced attorney who will prepare, file and complete your divorce for as little as $500.00 plus court costs. Other matters such as custody, support and community property issues can be agreed upon for an additional fee.

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New Orleans family lawyer

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Whether You Want the Best Divorce Lawyers, Military Divorce Lawyer, QDRO Lawyer, Divorce Lawyers for Veterans, a Prenup Attorney, Matrimonial Lawyer, Christian Family Lawyer, or Mediation Lawyer…Southern Legal Clinics has you covered.